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Agricultural land can become a secure source of income, thanks to a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant.
But how does one go from agricultural land, even uncultivated, to a solar energy system?

Solar IT develops photovoltaic systems on agricultural land, with innovative solutions for partial or total renovation of the agricultural process.
We take care of all necessary steps, in relation with land evaluation and permitting.

We are looking, throughout Italy, for agricultural land to be purchased or leased by surface right, with a minimum area of 8 hectares, sufficiently flat and exposed to the sun, without significant shaded areas.

Agrivoltaics: agriculture and renewable energy

Leasing land for photovoltaic systems does not mean giving up agricultural production.
Agri-voltaics, or agro-voltaics, is the overcoming of the conflict between solar energy production and agriculture

It defines a sector that is still uncommon in our Country, characterized by a hybrid use of agricultural land. in other words land suitable to both agricultural production and electricity production by means of photovoltaic plants installation.
Agricultural production and renewable energy: two worlds that can coexist in a fully structured agro-voltaic project.

The SOLAR IT team is currently developing agro-voltaic projects in Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, and Sardinia that best reconcile agricultural and energy production.

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