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Up to 70 per cent subsidies for photovoltaics on agricultural roofs with the Agrisolar Park call for tender.

Do you have the roof of a barn or farm shed at your disposal?

You can decide to take advantage of your agricultural roof to install a photovoltaic plant that generates renewable energy, by participating in the Agrisolar Park tender.

Farmers, agricultural cooperatives, and agro-industrial companies that intend to build electricity production plants, and at the same time carry out upgrading by removing asbestos from roofs and/or improving roof insulation and ventilation, can participate in the call for proposals (which provides for grants of EUR 1.5 billion up to 2026, and non-repayable grants of up to EUR 750,000 and up to 70% of eligible expenses).

What are the advantages of renting an agricultural roof for a solar plant?

your agricultural cover becomes a source of income.

Installing a photovoltaic plant on your agricultural roof will allow you to make a substantial contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the air and will guarantee high, safe and constant energy savings.

Do you have questions about the process of installing photovoltaic plants on agricultural roofs?




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