Photovoltaic plant on

Use your production or commercial roof to produce green energy.

Do you have a production or commercial area that you do not use? You can rent it for the installation of a photovoltaic plant.
Solar panel installations on the roofs of commercial or production buildings reduce energy costs and create an additional revenue stream from the building.

Solar IT takes care of the evaluation of the roof in order to design the solar power plant, and to evaluate the feasibility of the installation, and also of all steps in the bureaucratic process.

What are the advantages of renting a commercial/industrial roof for a solar plant?

Your roof becomes an investment.

We turn the roof of a factory, a warehouse or a shopping center into an investment that produces green energy by lowering the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

At the same time you can turn an unused surface into a safe source of income. The bureaucratic process of evaluation of the area, planning, design, validation and building of the plant is all managed by Solar IT staff.

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