SOLAR IT trip to Sweden and Denmark

On 2-4 February 2024, Solar IT employees took part in a company trip to the cities of Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden. The weekend was organised to celebrate the opening of the new Swedish-based company of the Solar IT Group, which will develop and manage photovoltaic and electrical storage projects in Sweden. During […]


Solarit Global supports the development of the new generation of Data Centre “TOTAL GREEN”, starting with the best choice of location, through to obtaining all necessary permits, the physical realization and construction coordination, grid connection to the commissioning of the facility. Subsequently, we are able to operate at every stage of their life cycle in […]

New photovoltaic plant in Cà Bianca

A new 134,000 square metre photovoltaic plant will be built in Cà Bianca, on the outskirts of Adria in the province of Rovigo, on agricultural land. The project stems from the collaboration between Solar IT and Lightsource Renewable Energy Italy Srl, and envisages an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) procedure at the Veneto Region. Some technical […]

Agri-voltaic project in Sardinia

In Sardinia, we contracted on 04/08/2023 an agri-voltaic PV project of 96 Ha size – with a capacity of 60 MW – in the Sulcis area.

New US subsidiary opening

We announce that we will open a new corporate subsidiary in Nevada in the US by the first quarter of 2024 to consolidate Solar IT’s growth in the international arena. The new venture will be focused on the development of BESS and PV systems.